About us


The Association constituted shall be known as the Eldorado LFA and hereinafter referred to as “ELFA”.

The flag of ELFA shall consist of colours of ELFA being Gold, Blue, Green and White and the emblem shall be a wreath and a football inside the wreath.

The logo of ELFA shall consist of a portrayal of a Lauren Wreath and a football.

The flag, logo and abbreviation are legally registered in accordance with the Copyright and Trademarks laws of the Republic of South Africa.

The area of jurisdiction of ELFA shall be within the Region G of Johannesburg Local Municipality and shall be the following areas;

  1.           Kliptown
  2.           Klipspruit West
  3.           Eldorado Park
  4.           Nancefield
  5.           Freedom Park
  6.           Devland
  7.           Meredale         

The headquarters of ELFA shall be in Eldorado Park, or any other address that may be chosen by the Association from time to time.

The date of incorporation of ELFA is 11 November 2006.

ELFA   shall be a universitas with full legal personality including the rights to sue and be sued in its own name and to hold property in its own name. It is formed for an unlimited period of time.


The objectives of ELFA are:

  • to improve the game of football constantly and promote it locally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes;
  • to organise its own local competitions;
  • to align to regulations and provisions governing the game of football and related matters and to ensure their enforcement;
  • to control every type of association football by taking appropriate steps to prevent infringements of the Statutes, regulations or decisions of FIFA or of the Laws of the Game;
  • to use its efforts to ensure that the game of football is available to and resourced for all who wish to participate, regardless of gender or age;
  • to promote the development of women’s football and the full participation of women at all levels of football governance; and
  • to promote integrity, ethics and fair play with a view to preventing all methods or practices, such as corruption, doping or match manipulation, which might jeopardise the integrity of matches, competitions, players, officials and member associations or give rise to abuse of association football. .



  • ELFA ’s vision is to be a leading Local Football Association in Gauteng, producing soccer players that is responsive to the evolving needs of dynamic South African & World Football through a commitment to people, opportunity and quality..